Image Data Enrichment

Sorting, structuring and enriching your image data with our end-to-end platform solution

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What we offer

Logo detection

Detecting logos on various objects

Aerial imagery

Images from drones, satellites, etc.

Smart retail

Smart shelf management, warehouse management, etc.


Fashion retail objects detection on e-Commerce sites

Self-driving cars

Scene management, lane detection, etc.

Surveillance systems

Detecting individuals and objects

Workforce Management

Hybrid Model


We offer a hybrid model that combines the advantages of a managed pool of data trainers and crowdsourcing, allowing feedback loop and task design to achieve a higher accuracy. We onboard and train data trainers for each individual use case ensuring understanding of the business domain.

Data Trainers

We bring an enthusiastic, educated and committed team


aged 18 - 27



in host countries

Retention rate

Why choose us

Vetted Individuals

Recruited from digital trainings rendered by the UN and NGOs

Individual Training

Specialised training and qualifier tests for each individual client use case


Consensus-based quality controls

Accountability for Results

B2B model vs crowdsourcing to bring accountability for results, compliance with data privacy

Integration APIs

Integration APIs to work with crowdsourcing platforms and AI startups

How our platform works

Social Mission

Youth Unemployment

Lebanon & Jordan

We believe that AI, Machine learning and Computer Vision bring new opportunities not only to businesses, but can also transform the livelihoods globally. Our company has a strong social mission to reduce youth unemployment in Lebanon and Jordan and bring income generation opportunities to vulnerable host communities and refugees, focusing on youth and women.

Social Challenge

The wars in Syria and Iraq have produced the greatest share of refugees globally, while the number of Palestinians – born with a refugee status – has reached 5 million...

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